NOTE:  23 and Me have changed their procedures and will be working with the DNA Ancestry program rather than their medical program. So we are still going ahead. You can click on the yellow logo for explanations.  Also click in the right column to purchase your kit.

NOTE: I have included a video from YouTube. The gentleman explaining the process is Nikola Danaylov.  The video is 11 minutes long. Nikola speaks well and shows you every step  of the procedure.


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If you have been watching "Finding Your Roots" with host Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., then you are familiar with seeing the name of the company. You can still watch clips of these programs: Walters & Canada; Connick & Marsailles and the others, just click on the pages from the Nav Bar Button Television.   

If you want to know what part of the world your ancestry derives from, this is the company that will answer your questions.  Such as: Africa (which areas or regions); Eastern European; Asian; Native American and so forth.

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The following: gives you an excellent explanation as to the workings of genotyping and DNA.

Once our lab receives your sample, DNA is extracted from cells preserved in your saliva. The lab then copies the DNA many times — a process called “amplification” — growing the tiny amount extracted from your saliva until there is enough to be genotyped.

In order to be genotyped, the amplified DNA is “cut” into smaller pieces, which are then applied to our DNA chip, a small glass slide with millions of microscopic “beads” on its surface (read more about this technology). Each bead is attached to a “probe”, a bit of DNA that matches one of the approximately one million genetic variants that we test.

The cut pieces of your DNA stick to the matching DNA probes. A fluorescent signal on each probe provides information that can tell us which version of that genetic variant your DNA corresponds to.   

Although the human genome is estimated to contain about 10-30 million genetic variants, many of them are correlated due to their proximity to each other. Thus, one genetic variant is often representative of many nearby variants, and the approximately one million variants on our genotyping chip provide very good coverage of common variation across the entire genome.
Our research team has also hand-picked tens of thousands of additional genetic variants linked to various conditions and traits in the scientific literature to analyze on our genotyping

chip. As a result we can provide you with personal genetic information available only through 23andMe.
You can browse your data for all of the variants we test using the Browse Raw Data feature, or download your data here.

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