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The above photo is just me.

About us and genealogy research. Hi everyone I am Carol Jean Hall and have been working with genealogy and
ancestry charts, and lineage research since 1979. I became interested in genealogy when a distant cousin made
a copy of the "Hall/Laucks, Loucks"line, which was done by her aunt. This lady was able to take the Loucks/Laucks
line back to the 1700s', but the Hall line could only go back 4 generations to our great-grandfather.

Researching Four Lines

I started researching on 4 lines on my mother's side: Haynes, Rector, Mooney and Truax. Some time in the 1980s'
a couple friends invited me to join the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. By this
time I had enough information to know that I could join thru my Haynes line and I tried to work this line
all the way back to the revolutionary soldier but with out success, there were to many Frederick Haines/Haynes
in the State of Virginia that it was impossible to say which one was mine.

Hudlow Line

In working my lineage research backwards I could go back to Peter Haynes about 8 or 9 generations back,
then had to cross over to the "Hudlow" line, Suzanna Hudlow was Peter's wife. From Suzanna I went back 3 more
generatiions to my immigrant ancestor Andrew Hudlow, he was the only Hudlow to serve in the Revolutionary

No one had previously joined thru Andrew Hudlow, so I had a lot of proving to do. I became a member in 1985.

Heinz 57

Here is more about us, there is an old saying he is a "Heinz 57", that is me. While working on my American family history I discovered
2 lines of Irish, 2 lines of English, 2 lines of French and 3 lines of German. When working religiously on
my family genealogy, I dropped the "Rector" line and did not pick it up again until 2 years ago. Since re-
starting this line, have learned the immigrant "Rectors" were German and have found information taking the
line back to Germany/Prussia to the 1500s. These nationalities cover both sides of my family.

Do not get the impression that one person does it all!

Hall Line

As you see the "Hall" line was handed to me and while working on my mother's side I started working on my
father's mother's side and I was shown a part of a census record by a friend. it not only had the information
she was looking for but it had my grandmother's parents and her 2 older brothers listed on the same page.
As I say you never know where you will find your genealogy research information.

I just wish we had the world wide web in the 1980s and 1990s, so I could have sent e-mails as well as
letters' and have met some more cousins, who helped me in my research. Now you know more about us.
Enjoy the ride along the ancestry and lineage pathway.

A cousin who assisted me: Cousin Phyllis.

Below are pictures of Monticello(Thomas Jefferson's home) and me
standing in the back the part that is on the back of a nickle.

Special Note:  Cousin Phyllis Shaffer passed away in her sleep at 1:30 am this morning.
Phyllis never had anything to do with this website but her and her father helped me when I started doing my family research. They knew relatives that I had only heard about as a child. Phyllis and her father introduced me to many who were still living back in 1979-80.

Rest In Peace: Phyllis Arlene; Fee fee; Philiander.




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