Affleck Jealous Alexander

Our celebrity guests are Affleck Jealous Alexander, better known as Ben Affleck, actor, director and writer. Next Ben Jealous is a political activist and the youngest person to elected as president of the NAACP. Last but not least we have Khandi Alexander actor and dancer.

Ben Affleck

Beside being an actor etc Mr. Affleck is an impressionist and political activist. Ben's mother is Christopher Anne Boldt who was a political activist in the l960s'. Christopher Anne was attending
Radcliffe University on June 21, 1964, when the Klu Klux Klan headed up a lynching party. See the video as to what happened.

We learn about Mr. Affleck's 3rd great grandfather: Almon Bruce French, he was a lawyer in Ohio and served in the Civil War. Mr. French was a spiritualist and conducted seances. He published a book  in 1892 about spiritualism.

Now we learn about Mr. Jesse Stanley Ben's 6th great grandfather. He served in the American Revolution.
Mr. Stanley served in 1776 under General George Washington at the Battle at Haarlem. This was General  Washington's first victory. Jesse Stanley was age 18 years and was 1 of 2000 with Washington. Jesse Stanley survived the battle.

Watch the video:

Ben Jealous 

Mr. Jealous was age 35 years when he was elected as president of the NAACP. Ben became interested in political activities when he attended Columbia University. Learn about his connection to Malcolm X.

Peter Gene Morgan a 3rd great grandfather to Ben. Mr. Morgan. Mr. Morgan was a slave but he was able to purchase his own freedom. He was a shoemaker. Mr. Morgan helped to re-write the Virginia State Constitution after the Civil War. See what he did for his family.

Jonathan Harrington 6th great grandfather to Ben.  Father and son served in the American Revolution. Jonathan Jr. age 16 years was a fifer who played the instrument during battles of Lexington and Concord.

Mr. Jealous has 8 more ancestors who served in the American Revolution.

Watch the Video below.

Kandi Alexander

Ms Alexander is a actor and dancer. She usually plays strong women of color. The Alexander family lived in Jacksonville, Florida (in the days of Jim Crow South). They moved themselves to New York City to get away from racism.

From Khandis' maternal line we here about Joshua Pinckney Masters Jr., Khandis' grandfather. We hear about Mr. Masters intelligence and being a hard worker.  He worked in a factory where they distilled rosin.  There was an explosion in part of the factory, find out what happened to Mr. Masters.
Was this an accident or murder. Watch the video.

We hear about Nicholas P. Harrison 2nd great grandfather (on paternal line) to Khandi. Mr. Harrison and his wife Lenora Love were slaves.

Next is John Harrison born in 1790. He was a white man. The genealogy chart shows his wife name as:
Slave mother no actual name.

We come to Reuben Henry Harrison a 4th great grandfather of Ms. Alexander. Mr. Harrison volunteered with the South Carolina Army to fight in the American Revolution. He became a man of wealth. He owned 3,000 acres of land and owned 85 slaves.

Watch the video:

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