Alba Patrick Gates

Meet our celebrities: Alba Patrick Gates. Tonight Prof. Gates lets us delve into some of his family history and DNA. Jessica Alba is an actress. She appeared in "Fantastic 4" and "Sin City". Deval Laurdine Patrick is the first black governor of the State of

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Jessica Marie Alba

We meet Jessica's father Mark Alba, who shares photos of his family.  We next learn about Daniel Martinez, Ms. Alba's great grandfather.  Mr. Martinez came to the United States and
made enough money to open his grocery store.  In the 1920s' he lost it all and became a migrant farmer.

Daniel Martinez also started the "El Byreo School" for Mexican children whether they were dark skin or light skin.

We learn through DNA that Mark Alba has 50% of Native American, which 3/7% is Mayan.
Also 0.7% is Sardick Jewish. This is her paternal line.

Maternal line we learn Jessica is European: 33.5% British and Irish, 5.1% French & German. 17.3% Iberian and 3.9% Scandinavian.

Watch the video for much more here or at their website:

Deval Laurdine Patrick

Deval Laurdine Patrick is the first black governor of Massachusetts. His mother Emily was
a homemaker and his father Pat Patrick was a master of free jazz. Mr. Patrick left the  home when Deval was only 4 years old. Many years later they met and came together again.

In junior high Deval won a scholarship to Milton Academy in Massachusetts. He later attended Harvard College, Harvard University and their school of law.

On his paternal side his 3rd great grandmother was Emily Wintersmith. Emily had a son she named Horace.

We learn that Dr. Harvey Slaughter sold land to Emily and her son for next to nothing. Why did he do this?

On Deval maternal line we hear of Sally Mae Embers who was light skin. Through MDNA we find he is all European. Through Auto Somal testing we learn that part of his genes makes him British & Irish and Norwegian.

Again watch the video for more information.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

In this episode Mr. Gates lets us in on some of his family history and his tests.
Doing a DNA test several years ago. Mr. Gates learned that he is 50% European.

Did some research and found Alexandra Finley, who is the family historian for the "Mayle Family". 

Their common ancestor is one Wilmore Mayle, born 1755 in Dover Kent, England. In the 1760s' his family immigrated to the Colonies.  Learn about Chestnut Ridge, W. Virginia.

This last episode for this season dealt with a lot of DNA testing.

I do hope you enjoyed this episode of Alba Patrick Gates.

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