Ancestry Search Birthdays and Special Anniversaries, great source for researching

Ancestry Search Birthdays and Special Anniversaries, great source for researching ancestry. Birthdays from age 1 to 100 years young, are wonderful in themselves, but we have another opportunity to find ancestry information.

The above photo was taken from a Google Search.  It is one gorgeous cake.


You have your camera ready! Now, gather your work and recheck to see what information is missing. Do you need to complete a marriage date, or a place of death. What new
lineage information is needed? Do you need an ancestry chart on Uncle Harry & Aunt Julie? Will they be at the birthday party?

Call Uncle Harry, ask if they will be at the birthday party. Explain that you need ancestry search information on their family.

While you are talking on the phone,to Uncle Harry,start a group sheet. Insert complete names of Uncle Harry & Aunt Julie.

Check with the party organizer to find out who was invited and if anyone has R.S.V.P. they were not coming. If he/she can give you information over the phone all the better.

No group sheets handy, index cards are a good alternative. Take a small notebook or index cards to party, these items won't be as intrusive looking, at this ancestry search birthday or special anniversary.

Take part of your work along and show what you have done so far. Mention you want to do a family history book. People will be excited and cooperative.

Gift Idea

You need to take a gift. How old is the birthday person? Is this his/her first birthday. How abut a genealogy pedigree chart, showing birthday person in number one position and show several generations behind him/her. Is the person older a kinship report (shows relationship of everyone? would be a good gift.

Special Anniversary

You are invited to a special anniversary party, great! You know it is: family history search time. First question you ask yourself is what side of the family do they belong to and am I doing that line. Next check to see if you have information on them, if so is their any missing information?

Check with the person(s) giving the party to see who is invited. Is their anyone you haven't seen or spoken to in some time. Start group sheet(s) to take it along to the party. Take along any genealogy pedigree charts you have to show.

Should you have enough information and photos, create a family history album for the happy couple. This is your gift to them.

Don't forget the camera! A good time to take lots of pictures, even pictures of photos that are on display of the happy couple's life together.

Don't over due the genealogy research, enjoy your ancestry search birthdays or special anniversary.

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