Ancestry Seminar Continued

Ancestry Seminar Continued covers state pages, searching directly, wildcard searches and  added tips. The tips on this page are from the handout pamphlet.

The above photo was taken from a Yahoo Search.  Robert E. Lee at Richmond, Virginia.

State Pages

1. Access on search tab thru map in the lower left corner of the page.
2. Includes list of collections specific to a particular state and then narrowed
by county.
3. The History tab gives historical background.
4. Resources tab includes researching an overview of your specific state.

Searching Directily


1. Working with a much smaller amount of data. This data is in the same format or a similiar format.
2. Search forms are customized to the information found in the records.
3. Database descriptions include critical information.

Wildcard Searches

1. *matches zero or more characters.
2. ?matches one character.
3. First letter can now be a wildcard. (contradiction see below)
4. Either the first or last character must be a non-wildcard character.
5. Names must contain a minimum of three non-wildcard characters.

Added Tips

1. Search indices for information.
2. Search without a surname?
3. Name consideration (ethnic variations, pronunciation, check various spelling).
4. Try estimating dates of events (birth, marriage and death)
5. Scrutinize the records you have found.


1. Look over the fields you are using carefully (be sure the info is in the correct field)
2. Always clear the form before starting a new search.
3. Check for stickiness.
4. Look at other records.

Our next page will be searching The Civil War Records on I would like to add some information about the collections in the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana as they were co-hosts and presenters.

I am attending genealogical society meetings and hope to attend future seminars.

Keep researching and enjoy the ride along the genealogy patway.

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