Ancestry Trees

Ancestry Trees will allow you to access the family trees on Always study these trees carefully. You have not done the research, so read and diagnose carefully and you should have little or no problems.

Research thoroughly one family line at a time. If you have all day to do the research then research your father's side, in the morning, then the afternoon switch to your mother's side. Should you be on a tighter schedule then do one a day, afternoon or evening. Doing your research this way will allow you to have fresh eyes and the little gray cells will be refreshed for more thinking.

Also note every person who has your last name is not related to you, so be picky and choose the one that has more of your ancestors' names and some of their personal information.

Should you find one family tree with one or two of your family members note all the pertinent information so you can come back to it. Look for another family tree that has much more information, then go back to see if the main family name may be in-laws or other type of relatives. Don't forget to look to see if any of your distant relatives have entered a family tree.

Enjoy your  time checking other peoples' research and finding clues or some of your ancestors.

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