Atlanta Archives branch of National Archives U.S.

Atlanta Archives (The Southeast Region) is now located in Morrow, GA. The genealogy records at this facility cover: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The photo is of the Atlanta, Georgia branch of the National Archives, U.S.

A Federal Records Center for the Southeast Region is located in Ellenwood, GA.

The archives center at Atlanta is for the study of the history of the South, and records in the archives tell the story of southern families and communites. The stories tell about the social and economic changes that shaped society.

All branches of the National Archives have microfilm copies of all the census records from 1790-1930. In 2012 the 1940 census will be released for genealogy research and historical research.

When you are on their website take a look at their newsletter. Most of the branches of the National Archives have a volunteer program. Check into becoming a volunteer if you live close enough. You may become a volunteer, if you live near the Atlanta Archives. 

Check this web page for directions and public transportation and more: 


Address: National Archives at Atlanta
5780 Jonesboro Road, Morrow, GA,302

Telephone: 1-770-968-2100

Fax: 1-770-968-2547


Note: New information: This archive is open Monday-Friday and the third Saturday of each month. Also note in the first paragraph I have added three more states.

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Additional Information:

Coming to America: Celebrating the Immigrant Experience

Join the National Archives at Atlanta for a Naturalization Ceremony that it hosted on July 20, 2012.  Share the joy of new citizens and learn about NARA records that document the path to citizenship, often times with surprising and poignant results.

The National Archives and Civil War (32.6 MB)

Listen to National Archives employees and Civil War experts as they discuss the Civil War and Civil War Records held at the National Archives. A production of Georgia Public Broadcasting, the video was filmed in conjunction with "Civil War Treasures in Your Nation' Attic" as part of the Civil War Symposium held at the National Archives on April 16, 2011.

Stories from the Great Depression

In 2007 the National Archives at Atlana hosted a remarkable display of photographs depicting the Great Depression.  These photographs serve as the background for oral history interviews conducted with National Archives staff and friends about life during the Great Depression and about the man many saw as a savior, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Go to our page: Great Lakes.

If you live near an archive branch check it out, for the types of books, maps, microfilm and now they may have some digitized records.

Also check into the other branches in case you live in the Midwest and you need records from Boston, New York, or Pennsylvania. Take a look at our pages on the other 12 branches.

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