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Look to the Baptist Church and find important information contained in birth records, marriage and death records.

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One thing you will not find is uniformity among the churches.
There are 4 different types of churches.

1. General Conference

2. Independent, also some are Independent Fundamentalists

3. Southern

4. Fundamentalists

Their beliefs are similiar but there is no consistency among the churches as there is no central governing body. I found this to be true when I spoke with 2 different Independent churches. One church housed their own records the other did not and the
party could not tell me where there records were sent to.

I spoke with the pastor whose church is a part of the General Conference and his church housed their records in the local churches. Should one of these churches be dissolved for any reason then their records would go to the General Conference for keeping.

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A reminder that libraries that have genealogy rooms or departments have books and or microfilm about many old churches in their area. Also check with your state library for any information about churches in your state and surrounding states.

I know from experience that your state archives or state library has books, microfilm or microfiche records of various churches.

Some of the above references may not be available for inter-library loan, instead you will have to go to the capital and view the records.

Take a ride along the ancestry search pathway and enjoy.

Additional Information: Records of the Central Baptist Church, Oregon District, were accessioned into the Wright State University Department of Archives & Special Collections in May 1994.

The records in this collection date from 1882 to 1964, the collection is arranged chronologically with in each series as follows:

Series 1: Church Histories
Series 2: Book-A Real Missionary
Series 3: Constitution and By-Laws
Series 4: Quarterly Statements and Receipts
Series 5: Pledge Ledger
Series 6: Financial Account Ledgers
Series 7: Attendance Books

There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.

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