Buchdahl Warren Qadhi Finding Your Roots

Tonight we have 3 clerics: Buchdahl Warren Qadhi on this episode of "Finding Your Roots". Tonight we look at the lives of Angela Buchdahl, a Korean Jewish Rabbi, Richard (Rick) Duane Warren, protestant minister and Yasir Qadhi, a muslim cleric.

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Angela Buchdahl

First we start with Angela Buchdahl, daughter of a Korean mother, buddist religion and a father an army veteran and of Jewish descent. Mr. Buchdahl's family came through Romania, where trials and tribulations forced Angela's great-grandfather Shirl Hirsch Suss (unsure of spelling) to immigrate.

When the family arrived in Romania along with thousands of other Jewish people, they were told that citizenship would be granted to them. Not true with the Suss family and many others. The men were forced to join the army even though citizenship was refused.

Angela's great grandfather arrived in the United States in 1903 and within a few months applied to pettition to become a citizen. In 1912 he applied for citizenship and was granted.

Ms Buchdahl, Korean line goes back to 1335, where we meet King Taejo, Ms Buchdahl 20th great grandfather. King Taejo lived between 1335 and 1498.

Ms Buchdahl is the first Asian cantor and the first Asian Rabbi.

Rick Warren

Richard (Rick) Duane Warren is a Protestant pastor at the Saddleback Church in California. He is the son of a Baptist Preacher. Rick's father was also a carpenter and he and Rick's mother travelled the world physically building churches as well as ministering. As Rick said where my father built a church, there was my mother cooking.

Rick's great grandfather Rev Ebnezer Armstrong was an army veteran and a Baptist Preacher, who travelled the circuit to serve the rural churches.

Another ancestor Willaim Parke, Rick's 9th great grandfather was born in 1607 and lived in Semer, England. Mr. Parke came to America in 1630 per a historical document by John Winthrop.
This document stated the Mr. Parke was a deacon at the First Church of Roxbury, Massachusetts, where he served under Preacher John Elliott from 1632 to 1674, 42 years.

Bird Griffith was Rick's 3rd great grandfather on his paternal line. He was a judge and planter.

To watch the video go to www.pbs.org and click on the word video to see what else Mr. Griffith was known for.

Yasir Qadhi

Yasir Qadhi is a conservative Muslim Cleric, born in Houston, Texas of Muslim parents. he belives in the Koran and Muslim Law.

Mr. Qadhi's grandfather immigrated to Bombay, India and Krachia, Pakistan. Yasir's father immigrated to America in 1963. He came here as a single man and became an university biology student. He married here and his children were born in the United States.

Mr. Qadhi worked in the United States and Yasir was 5 years old when his father went to Saudi Arabia to work. They were there for 9 years and Yasir attended a western School.

Buchdahl Warren Qadhi are 3 clerics in 3 different religions. All practice in the United States with the freedom to practice and preach the religion he/she believes.

To view the video for much more, click on the link below. About Buchdahl Warren Qadhi,see how the religious beliefs come down through their ancestors for generations. Watch to see how DNA testing links 2 of tonight's guest to Barbara Walters.

Go to: www.pbs.org and click on the word video.

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