Catholic Cemetery

Catholic cemetery are your ancestors buried here? If you do not know what faith your relatives were, check as many religious cemeteries as possible. I was told by someone that he was not catholic but he all ready had his grave in our local cemetery. I checked with the church staff and was told you do not have to be catholic to be buried in one of their cemeteries.

I was told that because one person is catholic but the spouse is not, both parties can be buried next to each other. So I was under the wrong impression for some years.

These cemeteries can be small and attached to the church grounds or maybe just sections set aside in a larger cemetery. This could be a large cemetery that is privately owned or city owned and maintained.

The above photo is the Old Catholic Cemetery located in Mobile, Alabama. It is only one of the many I found in doing a Google Search.

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In the case of my city, we have a medium to large cemetery that is owned and maintained by the church. It is located a mile or two from the church and school.

Should no staff be at the cemetery check with the church staff.

Here as well as other cemeteries you will find graves, crypts, niches and mausoleums. These tombstones, monuments and mausoleums reflect the change in style, design and
fashion. Some of these stones are great works of art, take a minute or two and look at them and study the designs and art work. Remember as late as the early 1900s' stone masons did not have the tools that we have today. Yet these artists carved out beautiful flowers, angels and script.

If you cannot locate a cemetery, in the city or town you are doing your family search, contact the nearest diocese or archdiocese.

Ancestors, you are finding out more and more information about them. You are also finding more relatives than you knew you had. Keep going along the genealogy pathway.

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