Catholic Church for Ancestor Search

Check the Catholic Church for your ancestor search records. Their birth records have the baby's complete name, parents, and sponsors. The church prefers to baptize a baby as soon as possible. Many of my friends have had their babies baptized at age 1 month approximately. This is due to the fact that in former centuries the mortality rate was very low and babies died within days to weeks after birth.

The church also keeps marriage and death records in the local churches and not the diocese. Should a church close then their records are sent to another local church for keeping.

Also many of the local churches will do the search for you and call you back with the results. One of the reasons for their doing this is because of the hand writing and the fact that many church records were still written in latin through the 1950s'

Some of the older church records from th 1600s' and 1700s' could have their records written in the native language such as German or Dutch as well as latin. Any trancscript of church records could have errors do to these factors.

Also with today's e-mail and internet you can get your information more quickly. I found that sending an e-mail I received a faster reply than by leaving a telephone message.

The above photo is of St John the Baptist of the Catholic Diocese located in Kansas City, Kansas.  This photo is a result of doing a Google Search.

You may want to do a Google Search in the towns you relatives lived in and possibly getting photos of the churches they attended.

Click on the text below and start your ancestry search by trying "the 14 Day Free Trial" on  You will enjoy researching for more information and your ancestors.  Best of Luck.

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I found two repositories that may be checked for church records and they are: University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Their collection includes early records for the City of New Orleans.

Florida Archives have the Church records for the cities of St. Augustine, Tallahassee and Pensacola.

Ancestor searching among the church records can be fun and interesting. Enjoy the ride along the genealogy pathway.

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