Catholic Church Addendum

Catholic Church Addendum

This Catholic Church Addendum has some new information for your ancestor search. A few weeks ago I attended a seminar about the Catholic Diocese of Chicago. There is plenty of information available for searching church records. For those of us who are not members of the Catholic Faith, here is some helpful information.

The photo above was taken from a Google Search.

Division of Operations

Diocesan operated by religious priests.
Administration operated by religioug orders.
Churches and parishes operated by the Jesuit and Domincan Orders.
Franciscan Order handles the education and training for women to become Nuns.

There are 7 sacraments

Baptism; Holy Eucharist; Reconcilation; Confirmation: Marriage; Holy Orders; and the Anointing of the ill. Of these 7 sacraments only 4 that contain genealogy information: Baptism, confirmation, marriage and Holy Orders (this is if you have a family member who became a priest or nun).´╗┐

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The above mentioned sacraments are recorded in the Sacramental Registry. Always request a copy of the sacramental registry, instead of a baptismal certificate or marriage certificate. The actual registry entry contains more information than what is entered on a certificate.

In a city like Chicago, it is important to know:

1. Where did your ancestor live?
2. What was their ethnic identity.


Territorial would be England, Ireland, Poland.
Ethnicity would be English, Irish, Polish.

More about Chicago Catholic Church Records

Sacramental records of the Chicago Catholic Churches prior to 1916 have been filmed and can be accessed through The Joseph Cardinal Bernadin Archives & Record Center.

Records from 1916 and later are closed to the public. To get copies to of documents of next of kin if an open parish contact the parish.

Note: in 1917 Catholic Church Law requires that a baptismal record be updated when a person marries.

Hope this Addendum has given you the information that you need in your family research. This is just another resource for you to use in your researching.

Keep traveling along the genealogy pathway and enjoy.

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