Catholic Research Resources

Catholic Research Resources

The Catholic Research Resources are for your ancestor search or family history searching. Most of the information of value to genealogists comes from the sacramental records.

First we will start with a few books.

"Locations of Chicago Roman Catholic Churces 1850-1990", by Jack Bochar. 2nd edition, rev. to 1997. Sugar Grove, Ill: Czech & Slova, American Genealogy of Illinois, 1998. Maps showing locations of the churches and descriptions which include foundate, location and language spoken.

"Deprato Map of Chicago Showing Location of All Catholic Churches". Chicago: The Clason Map Co. 1926.

'U.S. Catholic Sources: A Diocesan Research Guide". Salt Lake City, Utah: Ancestry, c1995. There are more for the City of Chicago, but we will go to other areas of the United States.

"The History of the Parishes of the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois", by Cornelius James Kirkfleet, Chicago, 1924. A history of parishes, priests and parishioners who entered religious orders.

"The Official Catholic Directory". New York, (etc): by, P.J. Kennedy, 1913. Published annually. Provides lists of dioceses, religious institutions, diocesan and religious priests.

"Our Sunday Visitors Catholic Almanac". Huntington, IND.: Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. 2005. Published annually since 1904. Published previously under these titles: "National Catholic Almanac and Catholic Almanac". Information on the Catholic Church includes: contact information for diocesan
offices, religious orders and organizations.

Next are the Internet Sources

Archdiocese of Chicago web site:

Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Cemeteries:

Archdiocese of Chicago's Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Archives & Records Center:

American Catholic Historical Society (ACHS)

The following resources are to help you when you have requested a document, which is written in Latin.

Family History Library-Latin Genealogy Word List

Genealogy Quest-Latin Glossary:

Latin-English Dictionary:

Also check with the following libraries and archives:

Newberry Library--Chicago Tool for searching Chicago by address or intersection to find
church informatiion. Includes Family History film numbers.

University of Notre Dame Archives contains parish histories. E-mail: archives

There is a lot of information contained in this Research Resources, so take advantage of the all this information and find more about your ancestors.

Some of the sources shown in this article (like Newberry Library) can be contacted and they will be delighted to be of assistance to one and all.

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