Cemetery Tips for Ancestry Searching

Cemetery Tips

Cemetery tips for ancestry searching. The following information is for your health and safety while walking thru cemeteries. I have touched on this briefly on other pages.\

The above photo is of the City Cemetery of Lubbock, Texas taken from a Google Search.

1. Take your research material with you and have a good part of it in your head, thus saving time in fruitless searching of cemeteries and tombstones.

2. Have your camera ready. Also have paper, pens, pencils and chalk in case you have to take a rubbing of a tombstone. It helps to do this rubbing before taking a photo of the tombstone or marker. This is a great help for your genealogy records.

3. Wear proper clothing. In summer or hot weather we tend to wear less clothing to keep cool, not so when cemetery hoping. Always wear at least tops with sleeves, slacks and good protective shoes. Also as the day gets warmer wear a hat or cap to shade your face from the sun rays. Be sure to put on suntan lotion for protection from the rays.

4. You can still walk thru cemeteries in the fall season and part of the winter time. Definitely wear heavier but comfortable clothing. If the temperature warms up and you can always remove clothing but if you do not have it with you, you can not put it on.
Be careful walking on the fallen leaves as they may be moist and slippery and one can easily fall. Always put on some moisturizer to protect the skin from cold and wind burn.

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5. As I mentioned on a previous page have gloves and an instrument made of wood or metal to move around tall weeds and scare off rodents and snakes in your path.

6. If you are not a muscle person with good strength do not try to lift a tombstone or marker from the ground with intention of putting it back on its' base. Cement and marble are heavy materials and you could do a great injury to your back and legs.

These tips are for you to help keep you safe from any type of accident. Be careful and enjoy your researching.

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