Cemetery Tips 3 About Tombstone Symbols

Cemetery Tips 3: Meaning of Symbols

Cemetery Tips 3 gives you the meaning of the various symbols appearing on tombstones.

6. Tombstone Symbols and What They Mean:

I am only going to briefly touch upon this subject because it is best done with the ability to show the images you're describing and I have difficulties in this chat room. However, I can tell you about some of the common ones you'll run across:

A. Lamb = child or young person; innocence.
B. Chain or broken chain = end of life, life cut short.
C. Clasping Hands = farewell to earthly existence.
D. Hand/Finger pointing up = ascend to Heaven.
E. Hand/Finger pointing down = hand of God descending from heaven/used also for untimely or young person.
F. Column = mortality. Broken column means break in earthly to heavenly life.
G. Rabbit = humility, gentleness, self-sacrifice.
H. Skull = death and mortality. A winged skull symbolizes the ascension into heaven.

I. Fallen Tree = mortality, death.
J. Tree Trunk/Stump = could mean grave of Woodmen of the World member; broken branches on the tree symbolize a
life cut short.
K. Angel = a guide to Heaven.
L. Urn = the soul.
M. Soldier on Horse = A soldier's grave. There are various meanings to the feet of the horse: two or more feet raised
- death in battle. One leg raised fully off the ground - death from wounds suffered in battle.
N. Standing square or at rest - death of natural causes.

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