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Welcome to our guests Chopra Sting Fields on episode 8 of "Finding-Your Roots." We find that all 3 celebrities either have British ancestry or was a part of the British Empire. Our first guest celebrity of Sting Chopra Fields is Sting.


Sting was born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner in Walsend, North East, England. He is a well loved singer and song-writer. He has won 16 grammys and sold over 100 million records.

During WWII Walsend was the biggest ship building location in all of England. We hear about his great-grandfather who was a dock worker. Next there is Henry Kirk Sumner who was a mate on a ship. Henry was Sting's gr-gr- grandfather. Henry died at sea in 1871 along with the rest of the ship's crew.

George & Mary Kirk Sumner were his 3rd gr-grandparents. They left Nottingham, England and landed in Cala, France.
George & Mary left Frances bond for Australia.

Is there a connection to the Nordic Vikings?  Watch the video to see why George & Mary Kirk Sumner left England.
Then why they landed in France then after some years they moved on to Australia. There even more to watch.

 Onto to celebrity #2 of Sting Chopra Fields

The above photo of Sally Fields is the result of a Google Search.

Deepak Chopra 

Deepak was born in India and a doctor who delt with Western & Indian medicine.  At his peak he had 7,000 patients.
He was drinking and smoking cigarettes a pack a day. He decided to change his living and work habits.
Mr. Chopra has written 80 books and has a Multi Media empire.

India was a lucretive commonwealth country for the British empire. WWII saw Krishan Lal Chopra a doctor joining
the British Indian Army as a medic.

The Battle of Kohima saw Krishan in the middle of the battle taking care of all the soldiers who had a medical need.  He was also aide de camp to Lord Louis Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten asked if he any desire or wish for something. Krishan said he would like to become a cardiologist. 

Watch the video to see where Kirshan studied and much more.

Watch below for episode 8 Sting Chopra Fields. Enjoy!

Sally Fields

Sally Margaret Fields has appeared on television in 2 series "Gidget" & "Flying Nun." She has been in 35 movies including Spielberg's "Lincoln" appearing as Mary Todd Lincoln.

Sally has also won 2 Oscars for films: "Norma Rae" & "Places in the Heart". Margaret Morden  Sally's mother
was an actress and had acting in her blood. Sally's parents divorced when she was 4 years old.

We are told about John Quincy Field her gr-grandfather. Next is her 5th gr-grandparents
Ralph & Anne Morden they lived during the American Revolution and were Tories (for the British).
Ralph became a prisoner of war and was tried for treason & bearing arms against Pennyslvania.
Ralph was tried and hanged.

We have William Bradford born in 1590 Sally's 10th gr-grandfather. Mr. Bradford was a Puritan in
religious matters. He was arrested in 1607 in England for religious persecution.

Watch the video to see what happened to Ralph Mordens' family. What does Ontario, Canada mean to the Morden family.  What happened to William Bradford after he was arrested. Hint: he did
not end up where he was going and on what ship.

Watch the video for the answers.

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