Colicchio Tsai Sanchez

Welcome to chefs' night Colicchio Tsai Sanchez.  Tom Colicchio has the television series "Top Chef".
Ming Tsai has "Simply Ming" on television. Aaron Sanchez is appearing on Heat Seekers since 2011.
All 3 of our chefs own or co own restaurants.

The above photo is Ming Tsai from a Google Search.

Tom Coliccho

Tom Colicchio is of Italian descent, born in Elizabeth New Jersey. Tom has worked in restaurants since he was 14 years old.

Felix Colicchio is Tom's grandfather. Mr. Colicchio left his home in Vallata, Italy in 1901 to  come to America.  We learn Felix traveled back and forth to Italy 4 times. Felix served in WWI
and survived WWII.  It was in 1947 Felix Coliccho brought his family to live in America.

Franciscoantonio Colicchio and Maria Domenica were Tom's great grandparents.  Gr-gr grandfather was Savatore Colicchio. Watch the video to learn about Mr. Colicchio's 3rd great Uncle Vito
Marino and of the various wars and revolutions.

Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai was born in Dayton, Ohio of Chinese immigrants. Ming's father was an engineer. Ming is a restaurantur and television chef. Ming has 2 restaurants one in Wellesley, Massachusetts, "Blue Giner" and "Blue Dragon" in Boston, Massachusetts.

"Ming's Quest" is on the Fine Living Network and "Simply Ming" is on American Public  Broadcasting. Mr. Tsai has been on other television cooking shows.

Ming's grandfather Ya Ya Tsai was comptroller at Yanks University in China.
In 1937 Japan invaded China and Ya Ya was imprisoned then released and went back to the university to continue his work.

There was a revolution between communists and nationalists.
Finally the Tsai family was able to escape and come to America.

We learn about Tsai Ing, Ming's 36th gr-grandfather. Also Huang Di born in 27th century before
Christ. He was  known as the "Yellow Emperor" and Ming Tsais' 116th gr-grandfather.
Watch the video for more and more information.

Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Sanchez is of Mexican descent. Aaron is very passionate about food.  Aaron was raised in El Paso, Texas. Mr. Sanchez' mother is Zarella Martinez. She was a single
mother and she moved her family to New York City, where she opened a Mexican Restaurant. This was one way she could feed her family and other people.

Rafael Gabilondo was Aaron's grandfather who was a member of a prominent family and wealthy  in Sonora, Mexico. In 1910 all was lost because of a revolution in Mexico.  890,000 Mexicans
came across the border in the United States.

Hilario Gabilondo was Mr. Sanchez' 3rd great grandfather, who was born in the Bask region of Spain. The 6th great grandfather was Martine Andres "Gabilondo born March 31, 1713 in Spain.

All three chefs and their ancestors have had interesting lives with good and bad.
Watch the video to see more about the ancestors and what DNA tells our chefs.

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