My Cousin Phyllis

My cousin Phyllis could twitch her nose or blink her eyes and there would appear a cemetery.

She loved to go cemetery hopping with me and at libraries she read the newspapers, looking for obits and newsy articles.

She knew where many cemeteries were located in the area where our grandmother was born.

Best of all she would go anywhere at anytime and many times she did the driving (which I dislike immensely).

Her father was still with us when I started genealogy research, between the two of them, they introduced me to people who's last names were vaguely familiar. When we were children,
she paid attention to adult conversations and I did not.

The above photo of Phyllis was taken in the home of a distant cousin.

We went to Rockingham County, Virginia to research and locate a cemetery or two.

We visited Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Genealogical Society, to find ancestry information, while there we asked if they knew where two cemeteries were located. The staff gave us directions for both cemeteries which would have been hard to find without their good directions.

Rockingham County, Virginia is where we had our copper head snake incident.

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At the end of the day she asked if I had been to Monticello and the answer was no. The next day we headed for Monticello and had a good time exploring the gardens and admiring Thomas Jefferson's ingenuity.

Include a little history in your travels while you are searching for your ancestors.


Special Note:

Phyllis Arlene Shaffer Rest In Peace.  It is your time to rest.
Thank you for being there for me and many other people.

The above photo is Phyllis at Monticello in the part that is shown on the back of the U.S. Nickle.

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