Creative Family Tree

Creative Family Tree

Where do I find creative family tree charts? This is a question I have been asked many times? If you deal with the major book sellers like Barnes and Noble or Barbara's Bookstore, Chicago, Illinois. Or call your local family bookstore and ask if they have the charts.

If you prefer to order online, then do a search first for the charts that appeal to you. Of course after viewing several you might want to create your own. The following pictures are just a few that I picked out of a Yahoo Search.

I would use these for gifts and not put in my family history file. I also suggest that you choose a chart that will be easy to read and understand, you know what you are doing but others may not and be mistified.

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The photo immediately above is the result of a Google Search.  There are even more new charts online that ever before.

Do a Google, Yahoo or Bing Search and you will find many more pictures to decide on. If you have a relative that lives in a hurricane area they might appreciate the Quake photo. How about a relative, who is a hot air balloonist there is one for him/her.

Do not spend all your time on these creative items. The main object is your genealogy or family history research. Keep up the good research habits and you will make everyone happy, when they receive their book and see all you have done for the family.

Remember your genealogy or ancestry research is priceless. You
put in a lot of time and effort so you can spend a little time to make it special.

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