Family History Tour Vacation and Genealogy Research

Family History Tour

A family history tour, also known as vacation time. Choose to take a vacation to visit relatives and to do genealogy research. This would also be good to do if you are retired. Choose who and where you want to visit, along with what knowledge you have about an ancestor or ancestors.

Of course you will want time to chit chat with your relatives. Asking them if they know a story or two about your ancestors . Also ask about cemetery locations, churches, old schools, library and most important where is the county courthouse.

You can choose to go to a place where ancestors lived, but no current family in the area. In this case be well prepared. Find out the courthouse location, then write, call or e-mail to find out where the birth, marriage, death records are kept. Also
check with the county surveyor's office to see if they have any maps or surveys that show the location of cemeteries.

Don't forget to find out about genealogical and historical societies
before you leave, especially if no current relative is living in the

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Your tour or vacation can be long or short. You will be able to find ancestry information rather quick, if you are prepared in advance. Put all the work you have done on these ancestors together. Make a list of missing genealogy information.

Take notice if you have a day off work Monday through Friday take time to go to a local courthouse or public library say within 100 miles from your home.

Should you live in or near Chicago, Illinois go to the Newberry Public Library they have an excellent genealogy department.  There is the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They come in second to the Mormon Church with their genealogy department. If you live near take a trip, you will be amazed.

Have all the names and addresses of places where you are going and any phone numbers that have been given to you. Also include any drawings or maps.

You can do some ancestry searching before leaving. Go to a regional library that has a good genealogy collection or department. The library staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

Keep ancestry researching and enjoy your vacation.

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