Family Search Presbyterian Church

Family Search Presbyterian Church

Look to family search Presbyterian Church for information. Many local churches keep their baptismal, marriage and death records housed at their church. After a number of years the records are sent to The First Presbyty, the next governing body of the church. If a church is dissolved for any reason then the church records go straight to The First Presbyty.

The photo above is the First Presbyterian Church Bellingham, Washington. This photo is the result of a Google Search.

Of course not all churches follow the rules. Should the church be near a seminary they are allowed to give the church records to this seminary.

In Indiana The First Presbyty is "Wabash Valley" Presbyty, located in Rochester, IN

I spoke with "Wabash Valley" Presbyty they also told me that many of the Presbyterian church records are sent to the Deptarment of History in Philadelphia. A department of
Pennsylvania University. This is where all the records are suppose to be sent.

Never fear the church records are not all housed in the churches, nor the First Presbyty, nor at the Department of History. We also have Hanover College located in Indiana. Most of the Indiana church records are at Hanover College and probably some from other surrounding states.

Hanover College located in Indiana.

I also spoke with Hanover College and you may check their website at:

Check those Presbyterian Church records for your genealogy search, you will find these records interesting. Always check with your local library and genealogical and historical societies to see
if they have any church records.

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