Family Tree Baby Shower

Family Tree Baby Shower

"A Family Tree Baby Shower" use this as your theme for your next family baby shower. Have bright colors and have modern tree accents.
Don't forget all those photographs, have some of Mom and Dad to be, when they were babies or infants. Frame the pictures and use them as table decorations.

The above photo is the result of a Yahoo Search and is a part of Gallery-FamilyTree Printers.

Also make or purchase a modern tree stand for children's clothes. Use this as a gift and as part of the shower decor.
Inform your guests that you have this tree and ask each one to bring an item to hang on the tree, and let them know it will be part of the decor and a gift to the parents to be kept in the nursery.

Some items: baby sleepers, bibs, baby hats and jackets, blankets, baby shoes, and baby bottles. These are small items I like to purchase and put them in a small bottle bag. These small bags are helpful for doctor visits as they aren't big and bulky.

If the expectant mother is a relative or a co-worker, then several people or small group can purchase bigger items. Such as diaper bags, baby monitor, car seat, swing, play pen, stroller for taking baby for a walk. 

Create and frame a family tree chart, a small one that contains 3-5 generations from both sides of the expecting parents. This is to be hung in the nursery. Having a clothes tree the child will learn early on to hang up clothes and put toys away. This chart will give the child a head start on continuing work on ancestry research.

Here are some tips I found while browsing the internet. Food make a favorite cake recipe or you can bake a family tree cake or have a bakery create it for you.

Does your family likes music, here are a couple songs to download for your shower. "Family Portrait" by Pink;
"Family Reunion" by Jill Scott; "Family" by LeAnn Rimes.

Games to play. Nursery Rhyme Quiz; Baby Word Scramble; Baby Bingo; Baby Shower Family Bingo. Enjoy your Family Tree Baby Shower.

This is yet another way to involve family members with your ancestor search and have a good time.

Keep on research your ancestry and get as many people as you can interested in what you are doing.  Enjoy traveling along the genealogy highway.

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