Fey Sidaris Stephanopoulos

Fey Sidaris Stephanopoulos

 Our guests are: Fey Sidaris Stephanopoulos welcome our guests. These celebrities are known as Tina Fey, David Sidaris and George Stephanopoulos all 3 are of Greek ancestry. This is a very interesting one.
This program really brought history to me not only Greek but America and England.

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Ms Feys' birth name is Elizabeth Samatina Fey born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Tina has a
life long love for comedy.  She is an actor, host, producer, director and writer.
Tina has been in 2 television programs. As actor and host on "Saturday Night Live" and stars in "30 Rock".

Tina's mother is Zenobia Xenakes.

Vasiliki Kourelakos is Ms Feys' grandmother. Born in 1897 and came to America in 1921 at age 20 years old.  She came unescorted and paid her own way.

Napolean Kourelakos and Stamatina Stephanakes are Tina's great grandparents. His children:
2 daughters Basilika and Aphrodite. Mr. Kourelakos was a farmer.

Stefanos Hartoularis (Hirtoularis) born 1800 and Panagiotis Stefankes born in 1845 are her 3rd great grandparents.  These ancestors are from her paternal line.

Next we have from her maternal line John Hewson born in 1744 in  Essex, England then moved to the state of Pennsylvania. John worked in textiles. Mr. Hewson is Tina's 5th great grandfather.
John's parents are Peter and Catherine Hewson.

Watch the video to learn more John Hewson and the famous person who recommended him to another
person.  Did John Hewson serve in the American Revolution?

You may watch the video on this page or go to:

David Sidaris

Mr. Sidaris is a book writer and story teller. David was born David Raymond Sidaris, born in Conneticut. Some people called him Bonzai size, David took no offense.

He learn to tell stories at the kitchen table as a child.  Louis Sidaris is David's father.
His Greek grandmother came to live with his family. Look at the video and hear how she embarrassed the family. Possibility the neighbors and parishners were not.

Elias Sidaris  was born in 1780 and is David's 3rd great grandfather. We also hear about Adamandia Thomakou born 1895 and her husband Heracles/Harry Sidaris(Siderakos) born 1880.

On his maternal side is Nathan Wood 4th great grandfather born in 1761 in Connecticut.
Nathan served in the "Battle of Saratoga" a very Bloody battle.

Still on maternal line we have on John Denyson born in 1540 in England.

Watch the video to see the lives of each ancestor of Fey Sidaris Stephanopoulos.


George Stephanopoulos

George was born George Robert Stephanopoulos in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Stephanopoulos is a well known broadcaster, journalist and host of 2 television shows.

Monday thru Friday George hosts "Good Morning America" and on Sunday he hosts "This Week.
Before his television days he worked Senator Michael Dukais, campaign. He then became a close advisor to President Bill Clinton.

Georges' father is a priest in the Greek Orthodox Church.  Until George entered high school he expected he would become a priest like his father. His mother is a communicator
director for the Greek Orthodox Church.

When Mr. Stephanopoulos was a child he spent a summer living in Greece with a cousin.
His grandmother was Margarete A. Nicolopoulos. His great grandfather Konstantino
Nicolopoulos was a Freedom Fighter. Watch the video to see what happened prior to becoming a Freedom Fighter. Konstantino's children: Eleni, Ioannis, Theodoris,
Marine, Michail and Vasiliki.

From Georges' maternal line we learn about his 4th great grandfather Georgios Tsafoulias born in 1785 in Southern Greece. Mr. Tsafoulias was given a National Endowment for
serving in the War for Independence.

Watch the video for more important facts. Just seeing how the people lived and fought for their freedom really brings history to the front.

Enjoy this episode of Fey Sidaris Stephanopoulos

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