Look to Fraternal Cemeteries and Orders, I.O.O.F. for ancestry search

Fraternal Cemeteries

Look to fraternal cemeteries and orders such as the I.O.O.F. Independent Order of Oddfellows Society for ancestry search. This organization has branches in many U. S. States as well and international branches.

The above photo is from a Google Search. The cemetery is located in Adams Township, Allen County, Indiana.

The Independent Order of Oddfellows in the United States is a division from the same society in England that granted them their charter. The British division is a service organization, which came into being in the 1700s'in England.

The Independent portion of the name was given by the British parent organization as part of its chartered title in The New North American Chapter. The first I.O.O.F. was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in the year 1819.

This society is a benevolent and altrustic fraternal organization. The I.O.O.F. is also known as the "The Three Link Fraternity"==friendship, love and truth. When you
enter this cemetery there should be a marker with inscription as to the society and a 3 link chain designating friendship, love and truth.

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I have been in only one of these cemeteries and I believe it was now closed to any new burials. There was no staff there and we just looked around. This cemetery is probably being maintained by the local municipality.

You can check with the local library for an index book having been created or check on line location and other information on these cemeteries.

The "Masonic Lodge" also has some cemeteries, but many of their people are buried in a local cemetery. If the "Masonic Lodge" is prominent in the area there may be a section set aside in the local cemetery. The local lodge would have to have the
finances or financial backing of the main order of the society in order to obtain and maintain their own cemetery.

When doing your ancestor search look to fraternal orders for their cemeteries. If you do not know if your ancestor was a member, the local library will probably have a book about the local fraternal order.

Always check local sources first, after checking and receiving information from your relatives. Compare information received from relatives and what your local library shows.

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