Free Genealogy Software

Free genealogy software does it exist. Yes! You can download from the internet any
number of genealogy software products. A few of these products also allow
you to research online. gives you a free trial when you purchase for
the first time or purchase an upgrade.

CD Earth offers you a free download plus allows you to choose another software
package of your choice. This can be games, genealogy, webdesign, The Bible
and other choices. You are allowed to use your free choices for 25 day trial
and yes you keep them. The catch is it is like a bookclub and you will be sent a
software package about once every 7 weeks. This is not for me, but you may feel

Here are just a few that allow for free downloads.

Family Tree Maker 2014 Version, current price for upgrade is
$27.99 no special offers.
Legacy Family 6.0 Version
Personal Ancestry LDS

I found many more and you can also check to see if there is any other software you
would prefer.

One of the above 4, I tried to download but it stopped my Internet Explorer from
running. I tried several different times during the day and finally quit trying. Don't push your luck, if first you don't succeed go on to another choice.

Another one of the above 4, I did download but I have to spend a few dollars to
purchase additional software.

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