Genealogy Lutheran Church

Genealogy Lutheran Church

Genealogy Lutheran Church for genealogy information. When doing ancestry searching these records can be very informative. We think of baptism of a baby and we will find the baby's full name, the names of the parents and the baby's sponsors on the baptismal information.

The above photo is from a Google Search. Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church located in New Prague, MN.

What about an adult baptism, there will not be sponsors but you
will learn when your ancestor was baptisted month, day and year The record could list age, address and phone number in the register of baptism.

The baptismal, marriage and death record information is in books at the local churches. With the advent of computers some of the local churches are now entering this information into their computers.

One of our local Lutheran churches has been in existence since 1976 and from 1976 to 2003 the records are in books. From 2003 to current date they are in the computer.

Please check your local church before searching outside your area. This way you will have some advanced information before you start looking at the churches where your ancestor(s) lived. This applies to all Protestant, Catholic and Jewish religions.

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Don't forget about the other information that may be available, from meetings and membership reports.

The Lutheran Church has 3 Synods in the United States, the largest in size is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The second in size is the Missouri Synod.
The Wisconsin Synod is the smallest in size this synod is the most conservative.

If your ancestor was a conservative in the field of politics, then check out churches with more conservative views.

I found two repositories in the Midwest that house some Lutheran records they are:
Jesuit-Krauss-McCormick Library in Chicago, Illinois.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located in Elk Grove, Illinois.

When ancestry searching look to the records of the Lutheran Church and other Protestant Churches, Catholic, Jewish and other religions.

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