Genealogy Research Health Dept

Genealogy Research Health Dept

Look to Genealogy research health dept for vital records and public records when do your genealogy research. Be sure to search index books at your local library in the genealogy department. You will find index books on birth records and death records. These books were compiled by the local genealogy society or are the books by the WPA Program during The Great Depression.

The photo above is the result of a Google Search.  It is the Crown Point, IN Courthouse. It was Built in 1878. Its' structure is both Romanesque and Georgian. It is not used as a courthouse a present but contains shops and a museum.  Known as the "Grand Old Lady".

You need to be as accurate as possible with the dates of birth and death. Also you need to know what city or town your ancestor was born or died in. If you do not know for sure
please check out the index books at the library. I advise against guessing the information that you need to give to the board of health.

The city or county board of health has the birth records and death records from this information they issue birth and death certificates.

Information found on birth certificates: name of child, name of father, name of mother and in most cases it gives the mother's maiden name. Time of birth, place of birth.

Information found on death certificates: name of deceased, name of birth parents if known, name of informant (this could be surviving wife, son or daughter, or a sibling.
City lived in and city died in, in some cases it will give the street address.
Attending physician and immediate cause of death, plus if person had an illness for sometime.

Let me explain about the board of health departments you will come across. First if your county is large in area and population you will have a board of health in the county seat.
You will have board of health departments in the cities that are well populated and a have high volume of businesses, factories, steel mills or oil refineries etc.

A city needs to have the money to support a board of health, it does not necessarily have to have a hospital in the city.

I was born in a steel mill city and the city also had a hospital. This is the board of health department where I have write to for my birth certificate.

The county I live in has 6 board of health offices in 6 cities. I now live in the county seat and being the county seat we have had a board of health almost since the county was created in 1837. Our hospital was not built until 1975.

When seeking vital record information, know about the city, county, state or area your ancestor lived in.

Genealogy Research Health Dept is just one page of the vital records kept by county and state.

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