Genealogy Roadshow Austin

Genealogy Roadshow Austin

Genealogy Roadshow Austin presents several diverse ancestries. Our first guest is Denise Garza Steustoffs.
Denise wants to find out if she has Sephardic Jewish ancestry. These people were from the Canary Islands
and left for Mexico at the time of the Spanish inquisition.

The above photo is the result of a Google Search.

Denise also wants to know if she is related to Ti Honos a/k/a Mexicans. Denise has a lot of Texas Pride
in her. She wants to become a member of the Daughters of the Republic Texas.

Next we have Earl Christian Campbell, member of 3 Football Hall of Fame.  Mr. Campbell wants to find out about his gr-grandfather Julius Campbell and his father Burk Campbell.

Julius Campbell was a farmer and owned land. Burk Campbell served in World War II in the Tuskegee
Air Corps.

Watch the video and learn the answers to the quests.

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Next guest is Marc Airhart (Airheart). Mr. Airhart wants to know about his gr-gr-grandfather George Airhart. George Airhart served in the Civil War on the Confederate side. Mr. Airhart was at the seige of Vicksburg.

Next is Sheila Jobe.  Sheila would like to know if she is a Mayflower descendent. Also she heard about a murder in her family and wants to know more about it.

Both of these incidents are on her maternal side.
Learn about Isaac L. Paige and the 19th Regiment of Maine Infantry.

Watch the video for more interesting facts.

Max Hibben is our next guest and he would like to find out if he related to Roger Williams the founder of our State of Rhode Island.  Max also learns of Anson (Anthony) Parry Winter (Windsor).

Anson Parry Winter is also a descendent of Roger Williams. Roger Williams believe there should be separation of church and state.

Our next guest is Julie (Julia) Delio. Ms. Delio family was from the Ulster Province of Ireland.
These family members arrived in America between 1735-1745 and relocated in the City of Philadelphia.

Julie wants to know if she is related to Samuel Houston. Mr. Houston was in politics. Mr. Houston is the only person to be governor of 2 U.S. State: Tennessee and Texas.

Julie is related to another Texas governor.

Watch the video for more information and surprises.

Watch all four episodes: Austin, Detroit, San Francisco and Nashville.

Our genealogy team includes: Host Emmett Miller; Genealogist Kenyatta Berry; Genealogist Joshua Taylor.

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