Genealogy Roadshow Detroit

Genealogy Roadshow Detroit

Genealogy Roadshow Detroit guests were great. Our host is Emmett Miller. Our 2 genealogy experts  are: Kenyatte Berry (originally from Detroit) and Joshua Taylor. Both genealogists did a good job with the guests.

The above photo is the result of a Google Search.

Our first guest is Michile Stoutenberg she lives in Michigan. She has a blue plate that supposedly was on the inauguration table in March 1861. She also wanted to know if she was related to Abraham Lincoln as the legend says she is.

The blue plate was not on the inauguration table. Is she related to Abraham Lincoln, check out the video for the answer and enjoy the history that is presented on President Abraham Lincoln.

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Another guest is Cynthia Bedolla-Redman and she would like to know if she has any English or Irish ancestry.

She does have English ancestry in her Hatchard family line. Thomas Hatchard was born in Dorset, England in 1730. His son John opened a bookstore in 1797, which is still in business and has 3 royal warrants.

John's son Thomas moved to the United States and served in our Civil War. Watch the video and learn about this Thomas Hatchard's experiences in the Civil War. How was Thomas Hatchard connected to General Sherman.

Cynthia was pleased about an English ancestor moving to U.S. and serving in the Civil War.

Do not miss the history on Indian Village and the connection to our mythical character the "Lone Ranger".

Next we have Monica Donley who maybe related to explorer Juan Ponce De Leon. Her husband has done extensive research but could not connect the dots. Monica was from Puerto Rico and family moved to Mexico, where there are descendants of Ponce De Leon.

Juan Ponce De Leon was not only an extraordinary explorer. He was a leader, soldier and of nobility
in Spain. He the U.S. and settled southern Florida and parts of Caribbean, while he was searching
for the "Fountain of Youth".

Other guests were Charrisa Joy Los, an adoptee and wanted to know about her birth father's family.

Stephen Harvey also wanted to know about his father's line.
Rose Thomas wanted to know more about her Uncle Liv.

William Blackman wanted to know if he was related to Danie Boone or Patrick Henry and if his surname was changed at Ellis Island.

Eugenia Gorecki wanted to know about her father and her Polish roots and the story of the "Home Army".

Watch the video for the answers and enjoy the program.

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