Genealogy Roadshow Nashville.

Genealogy Roadshow Nashville

Genealogy Roadshow Nashville is different from "Faces of America" and "Who Do You Think You Are".
The two programs previously mentioned searched for answers to questions for celebrities and other people of distinction. So far the people interviewed were everyday working folks. It is also a
fun show.

Our first guest is Marquerita Page, a black person from Tennessee.  She wanted to know why a white governor was so protective of one of her relatives. Her relative Mr. Albert Roberts had only an 8th grade education. His mother Mary Roberts was a worker in the home of some white people.

Mr. Albert Roberts became quite a business man. He owned a taxi business, a night club, a funeral home and cemetery (he inherited from his grandfather).

During prohibition Mr. Roberts was a rum runner, had to have a little wildness in him.
Watch the video to see if there was a connection to Gov. Austin Peay and what was written in a 1936 letter.

Next we have Edwin Kennedy from Tennessee and he wanted to know if there was a connection between his Uncle Fate and Lafayette Cox a black man. He has a picture of his uncle being held by Mr. Cox.

Watch the video, you will learn about Mr. Lafayette Cox's Civil War Service.

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We have 2 people: David Vaughn and Michelle Fox, both parties want to know if they are related to
Davy (David) Crocket. Davy Crocket was from Tennessee, he was a woodsman, huntsman, adventurer.
Mr. Crocket was a scout in 1813.

He became a politician in Tennessee. After some time in politics he wanted out of politics. He decided
to move to Texas where he died at the Alamo.

Watch the video to see if these people were related to Mr. Crocket

We have Mr.Chris Hughes who wanted to know his DNA.  Also Jean Carter Willson wanted to know if she
was related to several famous people with the last name of Carter.

Michael and Janet Hatfield-DeWeese wanted to know if Janet was related to the Hatfield Family, that
feuded with the McCoys for several generations.

Listen to the History of Belmont Mansion, where this show was taped.

NOTE: Sorry this took so long before appearing on this website.  I had to get permission from PBS.

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