Genealogy Roadshow SanFrancisco

Genealogy Roadshow SanFrancisco

Genealogy Roadshow SanFrancisco is another great program. We have our host Emmet Miller, our 2 professional genealogists Kenyetta Berry and Joshua Taylor.

Our first guest is Lisa Gates. Lisa' family legend is they are related to James Marshall the founder of The Great Gold Rush in California.

Lisa also wants to know about her gr-gr-grandfather Clinton Augustus Edson. Mr. Edson owned a playhouse,
a/k/a a resort. Mr. Edson was murdered and Lisa wants to know who and why this person murdered Mr. Edson.
Watch the video for the answers to Lisa' questions.

Our next guest is Cecilia Chen, she is Chinese American.  Her gr-grandfather Fat Yee and his wife Chin Shee
Chinese Americans who were born in the United States.  Fat Yee told the family they were related to a
well known Chinese gangster called Big Jim Shin. Mr. Shin was known as a gangster, gambler, lottery  organizer and playhouses.

Watch the video to see what Cecilia Chen's family went through in their lives.  Find the answers to Cecilia's questions and some Chinese history including "The Chinese Exclusion Act".

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Our next guest is Deva Segal. Deva is interested in learning if she has any ancestors who might have served during wartime.  Geo M. Efner is one ancestor who served in our Civil War.

Learn about George Efner and Ulysses S. Grant and being a prisoner of war.

Joseph Efner served in the Revolutionary War.  Find out the connection with Benedict Arnold. 

Watch the video for the answers to these questions.

Next we have a brief interview with Jennifer Weed. She wanted to know if her ancestor designed the first gasoline automobile.  Also did her ancestor have an on going feud with Henry Ford, who was considered the first automobile maker.

I have been told that Elwood P. Haynes designer/inventor of the "Haynes Apperson Automobile" was the first person to make an automobile. I maybe related to Mr. Haynes, never looked into that story.

Next is Casey Robbins. Casey wants to know if she is related to Benjamin Franklin one of our founding fathers.  We start with her Billingsley line, which goes into the Folgers, then the Bunker family. The trail ends in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Watch the video to find the answer and enjoy the early history of Benjamin Franklin.

Next is Michael Logan who wanted to know his DNA. Michael has medical reasons for wanting to know his DNA.
Michael is Northern European, highly. Second is Southern and Eastern European. Last he has a minute amount of North African.

Our last interview is Jamie O'Keefe. Jamie wants to know the story of Frank O'Keefe who owned a
saloon/tavern. How did Frank come to marry Anne Savage a lady of breeding.
Both survived the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. How did they get together.

Watch the video to find out all the answers and for the history of the "Old San Francisco Mint.

There are other interviews to watch.

Enjoy the program.

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