"Genes Reunited"

Genes Reunited

Genes Reunited is the largest genealogy website in the United Kingdom (UK). I am delighted and honored that they are a new sponsor for our website. The following are their tabs and what is behind them.

1. Family Tree:

  A. Build Your Tree.
  B. Import Gedcom Files.

2. Relatives:

  A. View my relative's profile.
  B. Last viewed relative profile.
  C. Surname summary.
  D. Hot Matches.

3. Keepsafe:

  A. View My Keepsafe.
  B. View Saved Records.
  C. View Shared Media.
  D. My Folders.
  E. Upload to Keepsafe.

4. Community:

  A. Boards Summary.
  B. Announcements.
  C. Success Stories.
  D. General Chat and more. 

5. Messages:

  A. Compose New Message.
  B. Inbox.
  C. My Folders.
  D. My Contacts.
  E. My Updates.

6. News:

  A. Genes News.
  B. Genes Extra.
  C. Blogs.
  D. Family History Articles.

7. Search has two categories:

  A. All categories.
    a. Armed Forces and Conflict.
    b. Census, Land and Surveys.
    c. Newspapers, Directories and Social History.
    d. Life events and more.

  B. Popular Searches:

    a. Births.
    b. Marriage.
    c. Deaths.
    d. 1901 Census.
    e. 1911 Census.
    f. Electoral Rolls and more.

There is a fee to post to their message boards, unless announced certain hours of the day that will be free.
G R has a large community that is willing to help you in any way they can.

Study the home page carefully. Just took a look at  the Help and Advice section for information on the message boards.
When you click on "useful tips" the next screen has many excellent tips to get the best information possible.

There are gift vouchers and purchase credits available. If you do nothing else the first time you go on the website scrutinize the "Home Page". I have been looking over the site and also am looking for my gr-grandfather John Hall.

Keep traveling along the genealogy research pathway.

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