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Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt is our guest celebrity on this episode of "Who Do You Think You Are S 3". Ms Hunt all ready knows much about her mother's side of the family and tonight she wants to learn
about her father's family.

Father's Maternal Line

Ms Hunt goes to her father's home in Los Angeles, California. He tells her he does not know much about his family. They arrived in New York City, possibly from Bavaria, Germany and of
Jewish descent. The family ended up in Pasadena, California.

Ms Hunt starts with her father's maternal side. As we learn her gr-gr-grandmother was Florence Scholle Rothenberg Roberts. Florence's father was William (Wolf) Scholle, he arrived in New York City in 1848. William has an older brother Abraham and a younger brother Jacob. On the passenger list William (Wolf) was listed as a farmer. So how did the 3 brothers become clothiers?

Please watch the video and see what the "Gold Rush" means to the Scholle brothers? Also who are the "Solid Men"? Who was considered one of these men? What does "Nevada Bank and Wells Fargo" have in common? See how Rothenberg became Roberts and why. Why did Florence Roberts live in the "Green Hotel" in Pasadena, California?

This video works in quite a bit of history that we may not have known or have forgotten.

Father's Paternal Line

Helen Hunt now starts searching on the "Hunt Line". She has to go to Portland, Maine. Here Ms. Hunt meets with Herb Adams, Local Historian, Portland Maine. Mr. Adams gives Helen information about George S. Hunt, her gr-gr-grandfather. George S. Hunt was a business man who exported lumber to the
Caribbean in exchange for sugar. He died young and in his office one afternoon.

George was married to August Merrill Barstow, whose father was well to do. Augusta was a graceful speaker and sponsor for the "Home for the Aged", day care centers, and a member of the "Women's Christian Temperance Union". Augusta was also involved in other philantrophic causes.

Watch the video to see what 1920 and the 19th Amendment to the "Constitution" has to do with Augusta. What is "Seneca Falls Convention".

The following people assisted Ms. Hunt:

1. Professor Marc Dollinger, Goldman Jewish Studies, Chair; San Francisco State University.
2. Professor Stephen Aron, Historian American West, UCLA.
3. Frances Dinkelspiel, Author, "Towers of Gold".
4. Herb Adams, Local Historian, Portland, Maine.
5. Professor Carol Mattingly, Women and Temperance Historian, University of Louisville.
6. Professor Shannon M. Risk, U. S. Progress-Era, Historian, Niagara, University.

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