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History Spotlight will give you a glimpse into events we may have studied in school or maybe we did not hear the stories. Choose the link to the story or stories you want to read and look
at the attached pictures. Enjoy! There will be more posted here.

Click on Fold3 to take a look at their archives for more interesting facts and stories.


Fold3 has added the 'Navy Casualty Reports', 1776-1941, documenting the deaths of U.S. Navy personnel in wartime and in accidents outside of war. Although the casualty reports include, the injured, wounded diseased, imprisoned, the majority of these records report only Navy deaths. Check out these documents.

Read Audie Murphy's complete story above he was not just and actor but a real hero of World War II receiving 40 medals including the Medal of Honor.


I sincerely hope you enjoy these articles and any future ones that I post. Any and all comments are appreciated go to our contact us page and leave your comments and any questions you may have.

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