Jackson Rice Simmons " Finding Your Roots"

Jackson Rice Simmons

Jackson Rice Simmons, a/k/a Samuel L. Jacksom, Condeleeza Rice and Ruth Simmons are our 3 celebrity guests on tonight's episode of "Finding Your Roots". Samuel Jackson is an actor
on the big screen and broadway.

Condeleeza Rice was a Provost at Stanford University, where she
is now a Professor at the university. Between the times she was Secretary of State for the United States, under George W. Bush administration. The above photo of Ms Rice is the result of a Google Search.

Ruth Simmons came from a share cropper's family, and is now the President of Brown University, one of the Ivy League Universities.

Samuel L. Jackson

Mr. Jackson was raised in Chatanooga, Tennessee by his mother and grandparents. His father abandoned them. Samuel Jackson's gr-grandmother was the granddaughter of a white man. The white man was a judge.

In investigating it first appeared that one Henry Branham might have been the man, but he was a legislator and not a judge. Henry had a nephew Joel Branham, who lived near by and he was a lawyer, later became a judge.

It has been purported that Samuel Jackson's 3rd gr-grandmother Matilda, had children by Joel Branham.
By a document giving Mathilda and her children to Joel Branham.

Watch the video to find out what connection Mr. Jackson had with Martin Luther King and what did the two gentleman have in common. Also what does the African country Gabon and Benga people have to do with Mr. Jackson.

Jackson Rice Simmons video has been changed to a 30 second clip. Go to: www.pbs.org and search "Finding Your Roots".

Condoleeza Rice

Ms. Rice grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, she was a classical pianist. She became Provost of Stanford University. Ms. Rice also got involved in government and politics and became Secretary of State, under George W. Bush administration. She is now a Professor at Standford University.

On her paternal side her ancestor Julia Head was born a slave and became a free person. She also was a malatto. It was suspected that one Burrows Woodward Head had fathered her and she was given to William Head. The DNA testing revealed no connection to the Head family.

Watch the video to see what was Ms Rice's connection to the 16th Street Baptist Church. I remember the incident in this story, very shocking. Also what does the African country Cameroon and the Tikar people have with Ms. Rice.

Ruth Simmons

Ruth Simmons was born in Grapeland, Texas a child of a share cropper's family. She was the youngest of 12 children and she states the older children did not get well educated because they were needed to work on the plantation in the cotton fields.

The family left the farm town and moved to the industrial city of Houston, Texas. Ms. Simmons' grandmother was Flossie Beazley. Ruth Simmons gr-grandfather Peter Beazley was a malatto. It was suspected that Peter's father Charles Beazley was a white man. DNA testing proved that there was
some Beazley connection but Charles was not the man.

Mr. Gates tells Ms Simmons that of all the guests that has been on the show she is the only one, who has true Native American blood.

Watch the video and find out what is syrup, biscuit and bacon grease. Also what connection is there to African country Gabon and the Kota people.

Hope you find Jackson Rice Simmons very interesting as I do. Enjoy.

Watch Finding Your Roots: Samuel L. Jackson, Condoleezza Rice & Ruth Simmons - Preview on PBS. See more from Finding Your Roots.

The above video has been reduced to a 30 second clip.
Go to: www.pbs.org and search "Finding Your Roots".

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