Jason Sudeikis Who Do You Think S 3

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis is our celebrity guest on this episode of "Who Do You Think You Are". Mr. Sudeikis has long been a stand up comic, and has become more popular through his films and television. Jason has much information on his maternal line but almost zero information on his paternal line.

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We start this journey by going to Overland Park, Kansas to me Dan and Kathy Sudeikis Jason's parents. Jason talks to his father and mother and learns that his grandfather Stanley Sudeikis died in Chicago, Illinois.

Jason goes to Chicago, here he learns his grandfather fell down the steps of a church and hit his head on the cement. From the Coroner's report Jason gets leads as to other family members and why his grandfather was not there for his son Daniel.

We learn that Edna Sudeikis(Jason's grandmother) file for Separate Maintenance or Legal Separation. Religious believes could have been the reason Edna did not file for divorce.

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We have learned that Stanley was an alcoholic and refused to work. Also Stanley turns out to be a junior.

Stanley Sudeikis Sr. and Michelina (Emma) Belskis (Bilski) are Jason's great grandparents. Another turn of events Stanley Sr. was not there for his son. We learn that Stanley Sr. moved to Conneticut where he married Amelia Trakaitis, with out divorcing Michelina.

Stanley Sr. was a gardner on a large private estate. We learn that Joseph Sudeikis and Marianna Gecaite were Stanley Sr. parents and they were from Lituania.

Joseph slowly brought his family to America and he was a coal miner in Pennsylvania.

There is much more, watch the video for more information on the death of Joseph and the different work ethics of Joseph and his grandson Stanley Jr.

The video of this program has been removed.  Go to:

http://www.nbc.com/ and click on videos tab.

Enjoy your ancestry research and enjoy traveling along the genealogy pathway.

Good luck and hope you find many of your ancestors.

The following professionals assisted in this episode:

1. Jean Lazalere Bloom, certified genealogists.

2. Phil Costello, archivist, Chicago Circuit Court Archives.

3. Hilary MacAustin, genealogist.

4. Dr. Bob Rafford, genealogist an historian, Conneticut.

5. Steve Richards, mining historian.

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