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Jerome Bettis

Jerome Bettis, NFL football player for 13 years, is our guest celebrity for tonight's episode of "Who Do You Think You Are S 3". Mr. Bettis wants to know more about his ancestors on his maternal side. He takes us to Detroit, Michigan where we meet his mother Gladys Bougard Bettis and his Uncle Abram "Butch" Bougard.

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Gladys Bettis shows Jerome a few pictures of his grandfather Abram Bougard and Mary Christine Bougard. She also shows her son pictures of his gr-grandfather Burnett (Barnett, Burnell) Bougard and Ruby Bougard. Burnett was known as a rebel and he supposedly disappeared. Jerome learns the Bougard family were from Paducah, Kentucky, which is our next stop.

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In Paducah Jerome learns the truth about Barnett's supposed disappearance. We learn that his wife Ruby filed for divorce in 1921 watch the video for the reasons.

We learn that Barnett was attacked by Kos Little and Barnett Bougard swore out a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Little. Please watch the video and learn why Mr. Bougard was attacked and the results of the this court action.

Abram (Abe) Bougard

Here we also find out about Abram (Abe) Bougard, Barnett's father. In the "Paducah Daily Sun" Newspaper we learn about a court case that Abram Bougard filed in circuit court. To learn more about this case Jerome goes to Frankfort, Kentucky to the State Archives. Abe sued the Illinois Central Railroad for
$2,000.00. Jerome reads the "Petition" the first filed paper in this court case. Again watch the video to find out the reason for filing this lawsuit and the jury's verdict.

Abram's Parents

Jerome Bettis wants to learn more about Abe Bougard and if he was a slave. He checks the database and finds the death certificate of Abe. Bougard. He learns the names of Abe's parents: Jerry Bougard and Eliza (Liza) Bougard. Jerome goes back to Paducah to the Mc Cracken Public Library.
Here he learns about the "Dower Slaves List". Watch the video to learn more about the list and what happened to Abram Bougard when he was 10 years old and beyond. Why did he go to Murray, Kentucky?

People and Resources

The following are people and resources that assisted in the research of the Bougard Line.

The following are people and resources that assisted in the research of the Bougard Line.

1. Dr. Gerald Smith, Assoc. Professor of History, University of Kentucky.
2. Professor Berry Craig, Kentucky Historian,
Paducah Daily Sun Newspaper.
3. Jennifer Frazier, Kentucky State, Law Librarian.
4. John E. L. Robertson, Professor Emeritus, University of Kentucky, C C S.
5. Dr. John Hardin, Professor of African American History, Western Kentucky University.

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