Jewish Cemetery for Family Search

Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Cemetery, be sure to look here when doing your family search.
Here is a religious cemetery as well as an ethnic cemetery.

The photo above is the Temple Israel Cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska. This photo was taken from a Google Search.

This Cemetery is the same as any other cemetery, it is for the burial of the dead and it has other qualities that are not found in a Christian cemetery. The cemetery is considered to be sacred ground and the ground where the dead are buried should never be disturbed.

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There is a tradition of burying the dead with the feet in the direction of Jerusalem.
It is a tradition and not a strict rule. In prior centuries the tombstones were marked in the Hebrew language and in the regional language. In more recent times those of the Jewish faith are purchasing more ornate tombstones and markers for
their loved ones.

The burial preparations are done by the ChevraKadisha, the burial fraternity. Just about all the synagogues/temples have this fraternity. The burial usually takes place within the first 24 hours after death. If the next day is the sabbath or a Jewish holiday then burial will be a day later. There are 3 stages of mourning in the Jewish faith.

First is for seven days (called Shiva)and the relatives of the departed are removed from any religious duties. Second period is 30 days long (called Sheloshim). Third is on the first anniversary
of death the gravestone or marker is placed in the cemetery and the period of mourning ends. Actually it is 11 months for chidren.

Just as when entering a synagogue one's head must be covered. When checking maps for cemeteries the maps depict Jewish cemeteries with a right-angled bracket and not a cross. This depicts the headstone and grave.

For genealogy records check with Jewish friends to find out
how to proceed in searching your lineage. Check with Illiana Jewish Genealogical Society, located in Flossmoor, Ill. This society is a member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. You may have an ancestor or a living
relative who converted to Judaism.

As in all your ancestry searching be courteous and follow the rules of those of other faiths and ethnicity.

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