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When working on your genealogy research, contact your local Jewish Synogogue/Temple if you were born Jewish or converted to Judaism. If your parents moved to the area where you live now, and they and you are first generation members, the local temple should be able to assist you in finding a synogogue/temple in the area you emigrated from. The synogogue/temple should have information on other locations in the United States.

The above photo was taken from a google search. It is the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island and is one of the first built in the United States.
The photographer is Jack Boucher.

If you have the desire and the time go online and search for photos of temples and the cemeteries. The architecture is beautiful, even the tombstones. This goes for all churches, temples and cemeteries.

I was told by a person at a local temple that the records were housed in their local building. When I was doing some checking with a local Jewish Genealogy Society, I was told that each Rabbi keeps his own records not to be shared with others. I was also told by this person that the temple some times has local records that are current but not from way, way back in time.

In local libraries where I have done research, I did not find books that would help in doing Jewish genealogy searching. Of course public records at county level and at state level will be a help.

The internet has many listings of Jewish Genealogical Societies and you should check these out for help. Here is one that I have been working with: Illiana Jewish Genealogical Society, located in Flossmoor, Illinois. Also check the listings on the Church Repositories page, for locations in other areas.

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Keep  researching and walking along the genealogy pathway especially if it leads you to any cemetery and enjoy the experience.

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