King Jeter Lobo

Billie Jean King

Our celebrates are King Jeter Lobo all three are top of the ladder athletes. Welcome to episode 2 of "Finding Your Roots". Tonight we start with Billie Jean King, who has earned countless grand slam titles in the world of tennis.

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She is known for being part of the "battle of the sexes" when you played tennis against Bobby Riggs  and won the match. Her parents supported her all the way in sports. 

When it came to finding out about family history, information was not forth coming. She literally had to drag stories from her parents and grandmother Blanche Leighton called "Gammie."

We learn Blanche Leighton was her adopted name. Blanche's birth name was Hazel Campbell.
We learned Blanche/Hazel's mother was Elizabeth Campbell. Elizabeth was 18 years old when Blanche was born and she was unmarried.  This was one the secrets that Blanche would not talk about.

It was found that one James Durkee married Elizabeth Campbell approximately 17 years after Blanche was born. Elizabeth never had any other children.

Watch the video to find out about Duncan Campbell Senior and Junior.  What country did they leave
to come to America. Plus more information


Derek Sanderson Jeter

Our second athletic celebrity is Derek S. Jeter, short stop for the New York Yankees baseball team.
Mr. Jeter has won 5 world series for the Yankees.

When asked what nationally or race he was, he would state Black/Irish. We find that is not entirely true.

We first learn about his gr-gr-grandfather Green W. Jeter, whose was a black man. The records showed Green had $250 in property just a few years after being freed from slavery.

Green became a prominent figure. He built a church on part of the land owned by one James Williamson Jeter a white man. James was master to a number of slaves.

On Derek Jeter's maternal line we hear of ancestor William Charles Pierce who was born in Manchester, England in 1840. From records that were found Mr. Pierce first ran a rowdy bar/pub. He changed his type of business from a bar to being a furniture store owner.

Watch the video to learn more about James Williamson Jeter and William Charles Pierce.



Rebecca Rose Lobo

Miss Lobo is (WNBA) Women National Basketball Association Hall of fame star.  Miss Lobo is also 6 feet 2 inches tall which makes her great at playing basketball.

Rebecca was the women basketball star in 1995 and in 1996 she brought home Olympic the Gold Medal for basketball.

Miss Lobo's father is Dennis Lobo who is of Spanish and Polish ancestry. Her mother is Ruth Ann McLaughlin and of Irish and German descent.

We learn about Maria Emilia Gutierrez who is Ms Lobo's great grandmother born in Tangiers, Morocco.
We also learn about Maria Emilia's parents Antonio Gutierrez, of Cadiz Province in Spain and of his wife Catalina Roca of Gibraltar.

Back to Maria Emilia who we learned kept a very worth while diary and a letter was written to her son.

We learn of her grandmother Catherine Wade and Mary Olech her great grandmother who is of Austrian

Watch the video to learn more the Gutierrez family and about the First Republic of Spain. Seed
of that republic. There is a little story about Tangier, Morocco. See why the Gutierrez family
end up in America.

This has been and enjoyable and interesting program that brought us in touch with King Jeter Lobo.

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