King Kushner Dershowitz

We welcome King Kushner Dershowitz to this episode of "Finding Your Roots. Carole King is our third King of this season. Carole is a singer, song writer etc.
Tony Kushner is an acclaimed writer of "Angels in America" and script writer for Spielbergs' "Lincoln".

Alan Dershowitz is a high profile attorney and defense attorney. He solos' in the courtroom.

Carole King

The above photo is the result of a Google Search.

Ms King was born in Brooklyn, New York, her Parents Sydney and Jean Cameron Klein both of Jewish ancestry. Their daughter was named Carol Joan Klein. In her teens she changed her name to Carole King.

She became a pop super star in singing and writing music.  Carole was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as well as the Songwriter Hall of Fame.  She became a 4 time grammy winner.

We learn about Carole' grandmother Sarah Besmogin, who was musically inclined & had hoped her daughter would be so. Sarah Besmogin lived in the town of Orsha, Russia, "Pale of Settlement".

Ms. Kings' great-grandparents David & Mollie Klein Taylor have an interesting story.

Watch the video to learn more about Sarah Besmogin (hint: was this her real name) and more about David & Mollie Klein.

Tony Kushner

Tony was named Anthony Robert Kushner at birth. Both parents of Jewish ancestry.  Mr. Kushner is an acclaimed writer among his writings:  "Angels in America" and Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" script.

We meet Ezrael Kushner, great-grandfather of Tony. Ezrael decided to go South when he arrived in the United States.  Mr. E. Kushner moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Ezrael started the Kushner Lumber Company in 1927 and was in business almost a century.  Tony stated that they finally closed the company in 2013.

Cecelia Kushner mother to Ezrael and great-grandmother to Tony chose to live in New York among the local Jewish people.  Cecelia move to the United States from the town of Nadworno, Poland.

We also hear of Benjamin Deutscher, who left Poland in 1904. There is also a story about Aaron Jacob Deutscher, great uncle to Tony.

Watch the video to see and hear the stories.

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz like Carole King was born in Brooklyn of Jewish ancestry.  Mr. Dershowitz is a high profile attorney. He is a defense attorney who has argued over 100 high profile cases.

He has written 30 books.  He was taught that you defend the underdog. To protect & defend the  Jewish and Christians alike.  Harry and Clare Ringle Dershowitz were Alan's parents.

Alan Dershowitz has a very good voice for a cantor.

Find out who said: The United States is everything that Poland was not.

Louis Alexander Dershowitz was Alans' grandfather, learn what he did for 28 Dershowitz cousins. We learn that more than one half of the 6 million Jews that were killed during the Holocaust
were from Poland.

Be sure to watch the video to see how the lives of King Kushner Dershowitz made them what they are today.

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