Handwriting: "Laux Parkhurst Marriage"

Laux Parkhurst Marriage

In the Laux Parkhurst Marriage, I would like you to look again at the upper left where it reads: Sarah M. Saux.
Of course we know that it is the name Laux. Also look in the body for Laux, Saux, because here it almost looks like a "G".

Look in the upper right hand corner for "January". Look lower down the right side for the first date.
Here it looks like 23rd of Harry, 1858, also look further down the right side. Here I can't begin to tell you what the word "January" looks like.

When you are reading older handwriting if in doubt look at the word or phrase from different angles to try and figure out the word or phrase. You made need a magnifying glass to read this document and other papers when you are researching.

Forgot the Laux Parkhurst are families in my paternal line.

There is never a dull moment in genealogy research, so enjoy the ride and keep on researching.

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