Letters A L S

Letters A L S

Letters A L S, can be misinterpted. In deeds and old estates L and S are written just alike. Letter A is sometimes mistaken for H. I am very familiar with county officials names. I worked
for a local credit bureau and then a national title insurance company. While working for these companies I spend much of my 44 years in the business world working at the county courthouse and going through all kinds of books and files.


In Testimony whereof. The gentleman's name is not James H. Suther, but James H. Luther, auditor of Lake County,(Not SaKe County).


State of Indiana. Amos Allman, Recorder, see how slender the As' are written. Also in this paragraph look at signed and sealed. In signed does that look like an "S"?


Indentured Witnesseth, see the name Lewis B. Merrell and read the legal description. More or less is good, how about the word Subject (to taxes), looks like a thin "A".

If you are just starting to read these type documents, they could be hard to read and confusing. 

You made need a magnifying to see the document below and when you go to libraries or courthouses. You can use the magnifying glass to read some tombstone.

Take on any and all challenges because genealogy research is fun and at times you feel like a real detective. Keep researching and enjoy the ride along the ancestry trail.

Good luck.

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