Letters f s

Letters f s

The letters f s, are from the speech of King George III to both houses of Parliment. Given on Friday October 27, 1775. The above picture is taken from the book "1776", by author & historian David McCullough. There is a text only book and another one that has photos and copies of various documents including letters from George Washington.

The following paragraphs are going to be typed as they appear in the graphic above.

Yesterday about noon his Majefty went from the Queen's Palace to St. James's, attended only by two footmen behind his coach. About ten minutes before two his Majefty got into the ftate coach, attended by the Duke of Ancafter and Lord Bruce, and proceeded to the Houfe of Peers, where being feated on the Throne and a meffage having been fent to the Commons, requiring their attendance, his Majefty opened the prefent
feffion of Parliment with the following Speech:

"My Lords, and Gentlemen,

"The prefent fituation of America, and my conftant desire to have your advice, concurrence, and affiftance on every important occafion, have determined me to call you thus early together.

"Thofe who have long too fuccefsfully labouerd to inflame my people in America by grofs mifreprefentations, and to infule into their minds a fyftem of opinions repugnant to the true conflituion of the colonies, and to their fubordinate relation to Great-Britain, now openly avow their revolt, hoftility, and rebellion. They have raifed troops, and are collecting a naval force; they have feized the public revenue, and affumed to themfelves legiflative, executive and judicial powers, which they already exercife in the moft arbitrary manner, over the perfons and properties of their fellow fubjefts: And Although many of thefe unhappy people may ftill retain their loyalty, and may be too wife not to fee the fatal confequence of this ufurpation, and wifh to refift it, yet the torrent of violence has been ftrong enough to compel their
acquiefence till a fufficient force fhall appear to fupport them.

Wow! that was not fun to type. Please note that they used a small "s" at the end of the words and small "f" at the beginning and in the body of words. This gives you a sample of the handwriting in 1775 England.

Have fun and try and read it as written, don't think you will last long.

Here is an example of frustration and fun.

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