Naturalization Papers 1900s

Naturalization Papers 1900s

Naturalization Papers 1900s (early years)have more information than prior years. Declaration of Intention; Petition for Naturalization; Oath of Allegiance.

The photo above is the result of a Google Search.  The lady's name is Elizabeth Miller Pater. She became a naturalized citizen in 1954 at age 64.

The following information comes from the naturalizations papers of the father of a 94 year old friend, these papers came last week and I gleaned the information from them. There will be no name mentioned but you will get the idea of the value of these documents.

Let us start with the Declaration of Intention. The party declares he/she wants to become a citizen of the United States and renounces all allegiance to former governments, kings and queens, etc. In his case the "Emperor of Germnay".

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Next is the Petition for Naturalization, showing the following information:

1. Name of Petitioner
2. Street address and city of residence.
3. Occupation
4. Birthplace: city and country
5. Departure City, country and date: Hamburg, Germany 1902.
6. Arrival Date and U.S. Port: in this case the port is missing date is: 1902.
7. The Vessel: Pennsylvania
8. Name of wife, place of birth city & country. Germany
9. Names and birth dates of all children born up to this time
10. Four days after arrival he was living in Cook County, Illinois.

Another part of the petition shows the following information:

1. Name of each witness.
2. Residence of each witness.
3. Occupation of each witness.
4. Witnesses state they have known the petitioner since 1905.

Now the "Oath of Allegiance".

1. A part of: "I further renounce the Title of___________, an order of nobility, which I have heretofore held.<br>
2. Renounces specifically William II, German Emperor.

Final Order of Court Admiting Petitioner:

1. He becomes officially a citizen of the United States 1911.<br>
2. Certificate number and issued date: 1911.
3. A paragraph allowing the petitioner to legally change his name, if so desired. A result of section 6 of
"An Act to establish a Bureau of Immigration and Naturalizatiko, and to provide for uniform rules for all naturalization through
out the United States", which was approved June 29, 1906.

I just added the photo above from a Google Search. Get out your magnifying glass and read the information.

Keep ancestry researching and enjoy the genealogy pathway.
Good luck to you.

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