New Orleans Two

New Orleans Two brings us back to the city for more genealogy finds. We learn a little about the Voodoo Queen and Pinkerton Detective Agency.   We even learn some history on President
Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Sentilles

Our first guest is Mr. Andrew Sentilles is looking for missing links.  Since the hurricane 'Katrina" his family has lost of their family history.

His maternal line gives us William Russell Hicks who is his third great-grandfather.  William Hicks is a carpenter. Next is John Hicks his sixth gr-grandfather.

John Hicks was born in New York in the 1750s' and he was a Quaker.
Andrew's tenth gr-grandfather was Robert Hicks married to Margaret Winslow. 

Robert Hicks came to America around 1621 on the ship "The Fortune" it is the second ship to arrive in America.  It landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Mr. Sentilles's paternal side. Jean Greogire Sentilles was born in France.
Benjamin Toledano was his third gr-grandfather. The fourth gr-grandfather was Cristval Toledano. What does Cristval have to with "War of 1812" and then General Andrew Jackson.

Watch the video New Orleans Two for more information.

Penelope Major McCarthy

Ms Mcarthy is interested in her grandmother Henriette Walker. Henriette's first husband was Gustave Gremillion. She had two sons by Gustave: Aristeda & Joseph.

Her second husband was Pierre Walker, by him she gave birth to 13 more children.
Henriette was a free woman of color and lived to be 90 years old. She died in 1925.

Watch the video there is much more.

 Brian J. Brigard Sr.

Brian wants to find out if he is related to Marie De La Beau, known as the "Voodoo Queen" Marie was born in 1801 and she was a devout Catholic. Voodoo is actually a legal religion.

Brian's great-grandmother was Naomi Noulin (Ella) married to George. Naomi's second husband was Ferdinand Brigard Sr. he was Brian's step gr-grandfather.

Ferdinand Jr. married Lydia Glapion.   Also find we find out about Albany Leon (Barney) Brigard, who is Brian's great uncle.

Watch the video to see if Brian is related to Marie de La Beau. What do we learn about  Albany Leon (Barney) Brigard.

Angel Marino

Ms Marino would like to fine out the name of the mother of Albert T. Larroque.
Albert was Angel's second great-grandfather. Also did Albert have a sister named Alice. What was the name of his new mother.

Catherine Larroque was his birth mother and Marie Larroque was his new mother.

What about Alice.

Watch New Orleans Two video for more information. 

Rebecca Bustamento

Rebecca wants to learn about her great-grandfather Theodore Graham. Theodore was born in Honduras on a "Banana Plantion". Mr. John Riplinger came back  to the United States and brought Theodore Graham with him. We learn that Mr. & Mrs. John Riplinger became his guardians.

We learn a lot about Mr. Riplinger, who lived in Seattle before Honduras.
Learn what the "Pinkerton Detective Agency" has to do with this story.

Mary Antee McCullough

Mary wants to learn about her second great-grandfather Raymond Trevignie.
Raymond served in the Louisiana "Colored Troops" in the Civil War.

Raymond Trevignie was on Mary's paternal line.

From her maternal line we have Joseph (Jose) Ripoll and wife Marie Le Beau.
Joseph is from Spain. He to served in the Civil War.

There is much more to watch on the New Orleans Two video. Learn about the "Board of Trade" building where our program was filmed.

Watch to see what the "Old U.S. Mint holds inside their walls.

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