Newspapers,a superb source to find ancestry information.


Newspapers, a superb source to find ancestry information, There are many items of information to be foumd in regards to genealogy searches.

We are most familiar with obituaries. In the 1800s' and early 1900s' the obituary may consist of as little as 2 or 3 lines. Ocassionally a longer obituary might be found, if
the person was well known or in business or the professions. Also if the person died due to some sort of accident, then the obit is combined with a newsy article about the accident.

These earlier obituaries can be difficult to find. Not every obituary is indexed. In most cases you have to look through the
paper to find your ancestor's obituary. If you don't find it the first time, keep looking and go slower.

NOTE: In late 20th century and into the 21st century, some of the obituaries and memorials are displaying a small photo of the deceased person.

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The local papers have always carried news about politics, schools and school sports, as well as professional sports.

While you are doing your ancestor search, check to see if your ancestor was involved in local politics. He may have held a city
or town office. Could he have been a justice of the peace. Was he lawyer and a judge?
There could be a few articles about the politics of the day and your ancestor was right in the thick of it.

Was your ancestor a teacher grade school or high school. Generally you find school articles about plays and different programs that the children are involved in. High school sports are reported every week during the school year. Usually you will find pictures of homecoming and parades, was your ancestor on a float or was he/she a constructor of the float.

Let us not forget the social pages. Did your relative belong to any clubs or societies. Did he/she belong to the Lions Club, Moose Lodge, how about the American Legion and their auxillaries. Did he/she belong to any church groups. The hospitals have
auxillaries that your ancestor could have been a member.

The society pages also tell us about special luncheons and dinners, did your relative get his/her picture in the paper.

Also in the society pages are marriage engagements, weddings, and special anniversaries. These articles usually have a picture of the couple along with text giving information about each person.

You are doing your ancestor search and you are finding a wealth of information, keep on researching and enjoy the ride along the genealogy highway.

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