Newspapers Online 2

Newspapers Online 2

Newspapers Online 2, will introduce you to Wikipedia List of online newspaper archives. This list contains information on publications from countries A thru Z. The one item I noticed is in the United States, is the publications come from big cities such as Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois etc.

A genealogy buddy told me about this database and I think you will like what you see.

This is a list of Free and pay wall blocked digital publications from around the world. Most are scanned from microfilm into pdf; gif; or similiar graphic formats and many graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text.

Some local libraries subscribe to certain online newspaper archives.  One example is the UK public libraries subscribe to "The Times Digital Archive" (1785-1985).  Any member of these public libraries is able to access this  resource from their home computer using their library card number. In some instances, library access maybe restricted  to in-building use rather than access away from the library building.

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Do a Yahoo or Google search, there are several different search results to look at. Searching Yahoo the first result has the least amount of newspapers online listed.  When I click on the main headline that contains United States, here I found the newspapers I did not find in the previous search result. I was searching a town that has about 100,000 people.

I have seen Australia and Bangladesh in main headings of search results. Look over the search screens and see which
ones are best for you.

The following are instructions to follow if you need help. I did.

1. Click 'Help" on left column, next screen: Help: Contents. You can read this complete screen).

2. In this cont ent click "Reference Desk". Next screen is: 'Wikipedia Reference Desk, read this box.

3. Then scroll down until you see the words "Help Desk". Below reads: (ask general questions about using wikipedia.

4. Next Screen "Wikipedia Help Desk", here you can choose to ask your question in the "Teahouse" or below is the sentence:

5. Click here to ask your new question about how to use or edit wikipedia.  Click on the sentence then you get the screen where you can post your question.

6. I left my name at the end of my message. Click on the words: 'Save Page'. Doing this will post your  question. I did not return to this screen for 3 or 3 days and discovered my question was answered the same day I poste

I did not return for a couple days and discovered my question was anwsered the same day.  It also put me in touch with the people at the newspaper. There is always help to be found if needed.

I found that searching for newspapers online 2 was very difficult.

 The following list is the short list from online newspaper archives:

1. Hawaiian Language Nupepa Collection (1834–1948) mostly images, some text Free
2. Historical Hawaiian Language Newspapers; (19th-early 20th centuries) in images Free
3. Honolulu Advertiser; Honolulu, Hawaii; (2001–2012) in text Free
4. Honolulu Star-Bulletin; Honolulu, Hawaii; (1996–2010) in text Free

The following is is taken from the search result showing United States in headline. 

1. Hawaii 24/7 [26] - Hilo, Hawaii
2. Hawaii Catholic Herald
3. Hawaii Island Journal
4. Hawaii Marine
5. Hawaii Navy News
6. Hawaii Tribune-Herald
7. Honolulu Star-Advertiser - Honolulu
8. Honolulu Weekly
9. Ka Leo O Hawaii
10. Maui News [27] - Wailuku, Hawaii
11. Molokai Island Times
12. North Hawaii News
13. Pacific Business News
14. The Garden Island - Lihue, Hawaii

I hope you enjoy and find the information that you are seeking in Newspapers Online 2. 

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