Philadelphia City

Tonight's program Philadelphia City is filmed in the 'Franklin Institute'. Of course this  institute is named after our Benjamin Franklin.

Robert and Renee Brown

Robert and Renee Brown would like to learn if Robert is a
descendent of a Viking King. Robert has heard the story that he is a descendent of  Norwegian Vikings and possibly a Viking king.

The research went back to Nathaniel Dickinson Robert's 10th great grandfather. We learn that Nathaniel was born in 1591 in North Hampton, England.  Mr. Dickinson came to America
between 1635-1640. 

No Robert is not related to a  Viking king, but related to an American Royal.

Watch the video to learn interesting facts.

Rennard East

Rennard East a songwriter. He wants to find out how his family came to Philadelphia from South Carolina.  This is very rough to hear this story.

I can not give you anything but these facts: Klu Klux Klan and lynching.

Watch the video to learn Rennard East story.

Alex and Susan Anthony

Alex and his mother Susan want to learn about a relative who supposedly was a loyalist during the American Revolution and what is there connection to St, New Brunswick, Canada.

Marjorie Bonnell and James Allen Bonnell were Alex's grandparents. Marjorie was the one who told Alex that he had a loyalist ancestor and about property in Canada.

Benjamin Bonnell's 4th great grandfather to Alex.  Benjamin started out with the  "Continental Army". Benjamin Bonnell was caught passing counterfeit money while in the Army.  Benjamin ran away and deserted the "Continental Army."

Benjamin then joined the "American Legion".

Watch the video to learn who headed the "American Legion" and how he acquired land in Canada.

Hope you enjoy this program in Philadelphia City. Note that
Philadelphia the city covers the entire county of Philadelphia

Karima Bouchenafa

Karima wants to verify information about her great grandfather Julian/Julius Knave Aggie. 
Mr. Aggie supposedly was a stowaway on a ship coming to America from Portugal.

Mr. Aggie was supposedly born in Lisbon, Portugal. Not so. In America Julian/Julius worked for the company:  Lake Torpedo Company. Ever here of submarines.

Watch the video to get the real facts.

 Melissa McHarg

Melissa and her father want to know if there was really a Whittaker Inheritance in England.

John Whittaker was Melissa's 6th great grandfather. A Rev. William Whittaker was contacting the heirs of John Whittaker to ask for help in settling the inheritance. Also obtaining the
money and interest from the government of England.

Watch the video to learn all the facts about John Whittaker and his connection to the "Society of Friends".


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